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Ingredients Required for Saraswati Puja

Ingredients Required for Saraswati Puja
Saraswati Puja is celebrated in the month of Mugh (January to February). This festival in mainly celebrated in Eastern religion and it is mostly celebrated in School, College, Club etc.
Many Ingredients are needed to curate a proper Saraswati Puja:
  • Idol of Goddess Saraswati - Getting hold of a Saraswati idol is very cumbersome.
  • Shodashmitrika - This is an important part of the Puja. Puja will not happen without it.
  • A White cloth - A white cloth is needed for any hindu puja.
  • New Graha Asana - It is needed which the goddess will be placed.
  • Dhoop and Aggarbatti - Its needed for every puja to make the atmosphere pious.
  • pancha Ratna - It is dust of precious stone that are required for puja. It is offered to the goddess as an offering. 
  • Flowers and Mango leaves - These are the common part of any puja like Saraswati puja.
  • Puja Thali - It is needed to place all the offerings in it and offer to the Goddess Saraswati Maa.
ALSO NEEDED Sindoor, beetle, nut, honey, kush, ghee, oats, mishri, cardamon, cloves, abir, haldi, mouli, banana, sticker, karpoor, roli, om etc....
 Ingredients Required for Sarasswati Puja
Things of Saraswati puja
Kind of things needed for Saraswati puja
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